Can Weight Gain Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Over weight and EDYes, weight gain can definitely cause erectile dysfunction in a person. Those who are not in ideal weight suffer from sexual issues compared to the people who are an ideal weight. Let us look at this issue in detail.

How is weight gain linked with impotency?

When a person gains so much weight then there are chances that he or she would pave way for so many issues in them. It would cause high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease in a person. So, we think that no further explanation is needed on why a man develops impotency.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that occurs due to the underlying medical issue. So, it is a must that you have to identify on what makes you be impotent.

What should you do if the impotence is caused by weight gain?

The answer is very simple. If the impotency is triggered due to weight gain then you have to take certain measures to lose pounds. Take a healthy diet and regular exercise which might help you to reduce the weight.

It is seen that when men reduced weight the sexual performance is increased to a great extent. In fact, sticking to the ideal weight would help a person to get rid of medical conditions in the body.

What would be the effective way to lose weight in a person?

The best and effective way for a person to lose weight depends on him. Some people can lose weight just by walking whereas others might need to hit the gym. The metabolism rate of the person is what matters. When you have a high metabolism rate, the fat gets burned very quickly. When the metabolism rate is low, the fat does not burn out that easily.

Whatever category that you belong to it is a must that you have to continue your exercise strictly. Minimum of half an hour workout per day is needed if you are trying to lose weight. On the other hand, it is a must that you have to keep your diet in check. Take lesser calories than what your body actually needs and do exercise. It is possible for you to find a major difference.

There are various weight loss options available in the market and one such is using the weight loss medication. Xenical and Phentermine are some of the commonly used drugs to lose weight in a person. Know how Phentermine can help you to reduce the risk of developing ED due to overweight issues from our blog:

But even while taking it, it is a must that you have to do regular exercise and take a healthy meal. Perseverance to attaining a goal is needed as weight loss does not happen in a day. Every effort you put towards weight loss counts.